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Neymar in tears, as he looks set to miss Champions League tie

Neymar hobbles off the pitch in tears, during 2-0 win against Strasbourg

PSG beat Strasbourg  2-0 at Parc de Princes, but it came at a cost.

After three fouls in around one minute, Neymar hobbled off the pitch unable to carry on, as he sobbed towards the touchline.

Neymar has injured the same foot that he suffered with last year, only just coming back in time to play in the World CupTuchel has said that he has a "reactivation of the lesion of the fifth right metatarsal", which leaves him a doubt for their Champions League tie against Manchester United. 

Tuchel was unhappy about the behaviour of the Strasbourg players during the game, complaining that Neymar was kicked around continuously and the referee did nothing to defend him. Others don't seem so convinced due to the Brazillians notorious reputation for diving and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Strasbourgs manager, Thierry Laurey commented "I didn't ask my players to go and kick Neymar, but I understand why the players had had enough of someone who was looking to tease and taunt them a bit." Neymar, upon PSG going 2-0 up, was reported to taunt the players with extravegant moves, even at one point doing a rainbow flick over a players head. 

Neymar is another star in doubt for the cup tie, behind Marco Verratti who has suffered an ankle injury last week.