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Team Tip: Dealing with the Elements

Coming up to Winter, the weather gets worse, the pitches get more worn, the motivation to play in such bad conditions lessens and lessens! Here are some tips to ensure you can stick to winning ways, even when you are against the storm!


The worst thing you and your team can do is to complain and moan about the weather, and the rain. Talking about it or complaining in the dressing room negatively affects your confidence and motivation to play, as well as your frame of mind that you need to be in when you go out there to kick off. During the game it is also very important you focus on the game as much as possible. Don’t stop to think about how cold you are, or how wet your hair is.. keep your head in the game, and don’t let the conditions affect your concentration!


When the rain is beating down, and the surface is soaked and slick, this can be your best friend in terms of getting off a shot that is tricky to stop. The ball will skim off the surface faster and more unpredictably than you could imagine! Use these conditions to your advantage and take some shots at goal, as the keeper will struggle more than usual to predict the speed and flight of the attempt.


Take absolutely no chances in these conditions. Get the ball out of your area as quick as possible, don’t dwell on it. The conditions as well as the pitch will make the path of any ball more unpredictable, and you just can’t predict when it’s going to skim off the turf, or stop dead in a puddle of mud. If you get the chance, clear the ball up the field as soon as you can, and ensure your team are getting out quickly to put pressure on the opponent and force them into mistakes instead. Get the ball down and play your football in the opposition half.


Like it says, do it! Hit early crosses to your strikers. Low, fizzed crosses can be devastating as it’s harder for the defenders to judge the cross and deal with it. Assuming your team mates can get on the end of it, even if they bundle it in, it makes life a hell of a lot harder for the opposition. In the conditions, the chances of a defender or the goal keeper making a mistake is dramatically higher. The ball skimming off the surface, or even the rain beating down in the face of the opposition can results in all sorts of fumbles and mis-hits, ensure you are ready to capitalise on any chances that appear!

Tell us about your games in bad conditions, and your best stories!