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Team Drill: Encourage Fast-Paced Passing Play

We’ve all heard the classic line, “The ball moves faster than you do!”. 
The reason for that, is because it’s true! Moving the ball quickly reduces the chance of the opposition being able to make a tackle, or even get close to the ball when your team is attacking. Not only that, but it can pull players out of position easily, allowing you to take advantage of the gap left behind in their absence. 

This drill is one of the simplest and most basic passing drills around, yet it’s so effective to building that fast-paced mentality within the squad. This method also teaches your players to be confident ion dropping off to receive the ball at feet, and quickly playing it back.


Set up two cones around 10-yards away from each other.
Have balls at the ready on one of the cones.
Set up one player on one of the cones, usually this is an attacking player or play-maker.
Have the rest of the squad line up behind the other cone.


1. The player on their own is to be ready with a ball at their feet. 
2. The player in the queue must dash 5 yards between the cones. 
3. The playmaker then plays a fast ball towards the running player. 
4. The player in the middle must control the ball and play it back quickly to the playmaker, turning and returning to the queue.
5. Continue to do so for all the players in the queue in a fast-paced manner.

- Ensure this is done at a fast pace.
- Ensure the players are playing the ball back quickly and accurately.


- Form two of these groups, both operating at the same time and count how many passes both teams can accurately make without mis-controlling or passing a ball. Score the teams to determine the winners. 
- Force the players to only use their weaker foot.
- Swap the lone player around to vary the passing.