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Team Drill: Dash and Shoot

This drill is a fast-paced, easy to set up and easy to understand method to improve the reaction time and short-distance sprint speed of your players.

Improving your players agility and speed has the ability to affect football games, as it gives your team a better chance of being the first to the ball, or break into space.

1. Use one end of a pitch, with one goal and one goalkeeper.
2. Set up two cones 10-20 yards away from goal, side by side with around 5-10 yards between them.
3. Organise the squad into two equal teams, split behind the two cones.
4. Have a number of footballs available to you (or the coach).

1. The coach, or thrower, throws, kicks or rolls a ball into a space in front of the players behind the cones.
2. The player at the front of each queue must react quickly and spint towards the ball, wherever it goes.
3. It is the aim of the players to reach the ball, and score a goal before the other team.
4. The player who does not obtain the ball first, can then defend 1 v 1 against the player with the ball.
5. The player who has the ball must face the defender 1 v 1 and attempt to score by either beating the defender, or creating enough space to shoot.
6. Once there has been a shot, or in the event the ball is no longer under control of either player, they must return to the back of their queue and the next pair goes.

- Ensure the players switch pairs regularly to face off against a number of different opponents.
- Encourage the players to pay close attention when the ball is released.

- Put the starting ball into a number of different positions, to make the players adapt to different running distances and angles from goal
- Vary the way you release the ball to the players. You can roll some, kick some in the air forcing them to anticipate the flight of the ball and control it.