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Individual Tip: Maintaining Your Fitness

Improving your match fitness isn’t just a pre-season focus, you must also ensure to maintain this fitness throughout the season no matter what peaks or dips may occur. Here are some tips to maintain a good level of stamina and fitness throughout the season

Particularly in Sunday league football, winter can take a heavy toll on the conditions of the pitches. Games are called off regularly due to these conditions, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to have a lazy week. If you want to maintain your fitness, or even improve it further, you need to keep on going, even during the off-weeks! 

Set yourself up a little training session when your games are called off, or at the very least, get out there and give yourself some cardiovascular exercise. Interval training such as sprinting for 15 seconds, then walking for 15 seconds down the street, or head to your gym for the treadmills! Don’t use called off games as an excuse for you to allow your health to slip!

Keeping a consistent healthy diet throughout the season is imperative to maintaining your physique from start to finish. A diet full of whole carbohydrates, and lots of protein is essential to keep you in top shape for every training session and game. Regular meals with high protein levels (such as chicken, turkey, lean beef) and healthy carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (such as brown rice, and sweet potato) are the best bet. Do not make the mistake in believing that all fats are bad also, essential fats and oils such as avocado and oil from fish will give you that cutting edge in healthy, conservative portions.

If you want to be as fit as the rest of the team, put in the work in the training sessions. If you want to be even better, put in the work outside of it as well. Get out there and exercise even on the days you aren’t scheduled to train and play. This will require lots of self-motivation, but if you’re determined to be the best, this shouldn’t be an issue.